The Illinois Company

The Illinois Company of His Majesty's Independent Companies of Rogers Rangers - Jaeger's Battalion is a Colonial/ French & Indian War era historical reenactment group located in Central Illinois. We were founded in May 1974 and are affiliated with Jaeger's Battalion, a national, historical reenactment group headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Our Battalion traces it's own history back to 1956, and is the largest group in the country recreating the units of Rogers' Rangers. The primary purpose and focus of our group is the accurate recreation of a company of Rogers' Rangers of the French & Indian War era. We are a family oriented unit, with spouses and children welcome and encouraged. If you have an interest in this fascinating period of America's history and desire to become a member, then we invite you to review ourJaeger's Battalion website and contact us. We are always open to new membership - all we ask is that what time you spend in this hobby you spend well, bringing honor to the Company and the Battalion.  

Illinois Company Officers

Capt. Lt. Harvey Anglum  (Beardstown, IL) email: ohangliuynn1757@hotmail.com

Sgt. Dave Boehler (Kincaid, IL)

Where the Illinois Company Meets

The Illinois Company usually meets at the Mascouten Bay Longrifles grounds near Rushville Illinois on the same day as one of the Longrifles shoots, woods walks, or other events. In fact, most of the Illinois Company Rogers' Rangers are members of the Mascouten Bay Longrifles. It's almost impossible to spot an Illinois Ranger amongst the group, since most of the Mascouten Bay Longrifles dress historically accurate, are hunters, and are all woods & history smart. The leader of the Mascouten Bay Longrifles is Squire Harold Tyson of Beardstown Illinois, who's both a rascal & gentleman beyond compare.

Mascouten Bay Longrifles 2016 Schedule

  • March 20 - Work Day and Fish Fry
  • April 8, 9, 10 - Rendezvous - bring a friend
  • May 15 - Mark Tyson Shoot
  • June 12 - Ed Bacon Shoot
  • July 4 - Family Picnic, bring your own meat & a covered dish
  • July 17 - Trader Shoot
  • August 14 - Paper Shoot
  • September 11 - Jakes Shoot
  • September 18 - Clayville (16,17,18)
  • September 24 - Beardstown Parade
  • October 14, 15, 16 - Mini Rendezvous
  • November 13 - Harveys Woods Walk

Illinois Rogers' Rangers 2016 Events

  • April 1, 2, 3 - Ft De Chartres Trade Faire
  • April 8, 9, 10 - Mascouten Bay Rendezvous
  • May ?, ? - Clayville Historic Site Pleasant Plains IL
  • June 4, 5 - Ft De Chartres Summer Rendezvous
  • July ?, ? - Forces of Montcalm & Wolf Muster at Forest Glen Westville IL
  • August 6 ,7 - Fort Crevecoeur Annual French & Indian War Event
  • September ?, ? - Forces of M&W Ko Ko Mah KoKomo IN
  • November 5, 6 - Ft De Chartres Winter Rendezvous

CLICK HERE FOR MAP to Mascouten Bay Longrifles grounds near Rushville Illinois. Grounds are locked except for shoots and other scheduled events.

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